Welcome speech of the Acting Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region Boris Dubrovsky

Dear Participants, Organizers and Guests,

Chelyabinsk is new Russia's first city that was honored to host the 2014 World Judo Championships. World's best sportsmen will step onto the South Ural tatami. Certainly, particular attention will be paid to Russian participants. We always hope that our sportsmen will do their best to become number one. I am sure that the strongest judo practitioners of our planet will show striking and rememberable fights, and sport fans will witness intense struggle.

I wish all participants of the Championships self-confidence and great achievements. I wish you all health, welfare, good mood and much pleasure of this sports holiday!



Greeting from the President of the International Judo Federation

Dear Judo Society,

The World Championships to be held in Chelyabinsk in 2014 mark a return of the Judo World Championships to Russia, after a period of 31 years, as a well-deserved recognition of all the efforts towards the development of Judo at a national, continental and international level.

The results obtained at the London Olympic Games by the Russian delegation are the expression of their efforts but also of their permanent will, ambition and resilience in attaining their objectives.

I wish to congratulate the Russian Judo Federation for the successful partnership with the International Judo Federation and also the Chelyabinsk Government and the Chelyabinsk Judo Federation for their professional approach of this event – the Chelyabinsk World Championship 2014, as well as for the optimal conditions offered from all points of view and most of all their devotion to Judo.

I wish all participants a World Championships to fulfill their visions about Judo and to the city of Chelyabinsk and the Judo Federation of Chelyabinsk to be satisfied on all levels, for their outstanding work and organization of these Championships. 


Greeting from the President of the International Judo Fund Arkady Rotenberg to guests and participants of the 2014 World Judo Championships in Chelyabinsk

Dear Friends,

I’m pleased to invite you to Chelyabinsk, Russia for the important sporting event – the 2014 World Judo Championships.

World Championships have been held since 1956, and we are glad to host the strongest judokas of the world in Russia. The Russian judo has become well-known recently thanks to the success of our athletes at the 2012 Olympics and the 2012 Team World Championships, and a high level of organization of major competitions such as the European Championships, European Junior Championships, Grand Slam, Masters and World Championships in Tyumen, Moscow and Chelyabinsk. 

Chelyabinsk is a sports city. Local people love and understand judo. I’m sure that the stands of the Traktor Arena will be overcrowded. Guests and participants will remember this tournament as one of the best. 

I want to thank the International Judo Federation and its president Mr. Marius Vizer for trusting us. I wish him further success in developing the big and united judo family!



Greeting from the President of the Russian Judo Federation Vasily Anisimov to guests and participants of the 2014 World Judo Championships in Chelyabinsk

Dear Friends,

The 2014 World Championships in Chelyabinsk is the most important event in the Russian judo history. I’m glad to invite all judo fans to the main tournament of the year that will take place in Russia.

The great sports country, the USSR and Russia, hosted the World tournament only twice, in 1983, Moscow and in 2011, Tyumen. There is no doubt that the 2014 World Championships will make history as one of the best in all aspects. It will become a reason to take up judo for the new generation.  

Chelyabinsk is one of the most sporting cities in Russia: one out of three residents does physical exercises or sports. Judo is a leading sport with an array of champions. In spring 2012, Chelyabinsk hosted the European Judo Championships. The level of the event was highly appraised by guests and international experts.

After the perfect sports festival in the Chelyabinsk region, triumph of the Russians at the London Olympics and World Championships in Salvador, we see the rise of judo in Russia with new clubs and judo schools established everywhere.