Winners And Medalists About Team Tournament

Jean Claude Senaud, Technical Director, France

- This victory is more than symbolic! We proved that not only our leading athletes are strong but the whole team as well. At these championships we have had even better results that in Rio last year. I mean both the quantity and the quality of the medals won.

Clarisse Agbegnenou, France

- It can’t be better! Two gold medals at the same Championships, I couldn’t even dream about it! The athletes, the coaches, the staff – everyone was supporting each other, we became one family. Tonight we are going to have a big party; moreover, my holidays start tomorrow, which means that I can relax now.

Automne Pavia, France

- We have a great team! We are the best of the best! Our relations within the team are great. Family spirit and unity – this is the main secret of our today’s success.

Takanori Nagase, Japan

- The whole crowd supported our opponents but that gave us  force. Everything was against us, that’s why we wanted to win even more. It is great that we did it. We did our best. Though we were fighting with the Championships hosts, in my opinion, there were no serious refereeing mistakes. The fans in Chelyabinsk are great. Of course they were shouting for their team but having active spectators at judo competitions is a good thing anyway.

Kamal Khan-Magomedov and Denis Yartsev, Russia

- We all did our best, we all fought but something didn’t work out. We’ll be correcting our mistakes. Like the women’s team, we were up 2:0 but we lost 2:3 – a disappointing coincidence. But you mustn’t think negatively about our athletes. The judokas who were fighting after us were not doing it poorly, they just had strong opponents.

Though we don’t have a gold medal, we are not sad. The World Championships are not the final goal of our training. The final goal is the Olympic Games. Our professionalism is growing. We spend most of the year in training camps. The head coach doesn’t spare us, and it means that soon we will make our fans happy.