WORLDJUDO-2014 Mobile App


WORLDJUDO-2014 Application:

- is the only official mobile application of World Judo Championships 2014 hosted for the first time by the city of Chelyabinsk;

- is a unique opportunity to be in the know of all World Judo Championships 2014 events (news, photos, interviews, competition schedule, prize draws, workshops) any time of day and night;

- provides competition schedule in a convenient format;

- provides interesting judo facts from the Championships’ mascot Tiger Zhorik;

- is a stylish application which can help you instantly buy a ticket for World Judo Championships 2014 held at the Traktor Ice Arena;

- is a simple application allowing you to get the desired flyer for unrestricted admission to Judo Park;

- provides push messages about the most important events and even the approaching meteorites.


Come to World Judo Championships 2014 with your friends and families,

and you will see for yourself that World Judo Championships is, indeed, more than sports!


The official tag of the Championships is #WORLDJUDO2014