JUDO PARK Admission Flyer


Questionnaire for those wishing to get a JUDO PARK Guest Coupon:

  • 1. Entering and exiting the hall, as a token of gratitude to the place where he/she managed to go one more part of the way to perfection, a judoka has to …
  • 2. What was the name of the founder of the Russian school of judo?
  • 3. What city hosted the 2004 Summer Olympic Games, where the Chelyabinsk judoka Vitaliy Makarov became a silver medalist?
  • 4. International Tiger Day is celebrated all over the world on …
  • 5. According to the International Judo Federation standards, what color judogis do judokas have to wear?

Congratulations! You gave the right answers to all questions.