Dmitry Chernykh: World-2014 to Open Chelyabinsk for Foreign Investment

Nobody believed that Chelyabinsk would win the right of holding the European Judo Championships, and then become the capital of the World tournament, but Dmitry Chernykh did. He brought the competitions to the Chelyabinsk region. The Vice-President of the Russian Judo Federation tells about preparations to the tournament, announces the medal plan for the national team and sees new opportunities for the city.

- After the end of the 2013 World Championships Chelyabinsk has started the final countdown to the World-2014. Any reasons to worry?   

- We planned that after the closing ceremony of the World-2013 we would begin to get ready to the tournament. We have been preparing for all year, and now we have just started a promotional campaign. The advertising will be shown not only on the local, but on the national and international TV. The World-2014 logo will be set on all competitions of the IJF till 2016. There are 52 tournaments!   

- So, the task is to make Chelyabinsk famous for holding big sporting event. 

- Exactly. That’s why it’s important to host such competitions. Chelyabinsk used to be closed in the Soviet times, and foreigners couldn’t enter the city. Only 15-20 years ago the first guests and investors came. We hope that the World-2014 will open a new stage of development of the city, and attract foreign investments.  

- The Euro-2012 has shown that people in Chelyabinsk love judo.  It’s gonna be a rush for the World-2014…

-  We are not going to make money from the tickets sale. The prices will be reasonable.  Of course, it will be a rush, but we will not allow people to overflow the Traktor Arena. Everyone who wants will get his ticket in time. Fans should buy tickets in first days of sale. Some passes will be given to the kids from sports schools and veterans for free.

- Do we have enough hotels to place the guests?

- There is no doubt that we will not have any problems with placing. There are no reasons to worry. Moreover, we will have two more hotels to the World-2014. One of them will be opened in January – 5-star Superlux will host VIP guests of the tournament.

- In Rio the Russian team didn’t perform well. What if they show bad results in Chelyabinsk?

- We have a medal plan for the national team. We need to win four gold and one team competitions among men and women. So, we going to break the record of Munich-2001, where the Russian team got three gold. One the medals were won by Chelyabinsk athlete Vitaly Makarov.


Vitaly Vizaulin